After Love: The Life of Anna Gennusa – A Novel

After Love: The Life of Anna Gennusa – A Novel

Alone, her husband buried in a pauper’s grave, Anna Gennusa must save her six daughters from their new, hostile home – New York City. World War II is over and in December 1947, she and her daughters suffer the devastating loss of her husband Franco, along with all their money during a harrowing voyage. Far from her Sicilian homeland, Anna discovers an inner strength she never realized she possessed.
Anna is determined to make this new life in a strange new world a success. From sleeping on her friends’ Angie and Angelo’s floor, working in a garment factory, to running a bustling business in a brownstone mansion, Anna faces her future with courage. She endures any hardship to ensure her daughters’ lives are happy and secure.

Anna experiences rape, murder, fear, love, and joy in her new world and rises above all obstacles – even herself – to achieve her dreams. Will the return of an old friend from her World War II days change her life? How Anna, and her daughters, Teresa, Giuseppa, Vincenza, Francesca, Innocenza, and Maria, thrive, flourish, and succeed beyond Anna’s wildest ambitions is the core of this sweeping family drama. After Love is the exciting, provocative sequel to Love’s Journey: A novel of Franco & Anna Gennusa, and the second book in the Gennusa Family Saga.

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