Single and Not Settling! by Tonia DeCosimo

Single and Not Settling! by Tonia DeCosimo

How do you navigate the dating world when you’re single and really want to meet someone? It’s not always easy. In fact, it’s almost always hard. But while making her way through the single life, author Tonia DeCosimo has learned a few things about how to, not just survive the dating world, but master it.

Tonia new book, “Single and Not Settling: A Journey of Surviving the Dating World”, is a combination memoir and dating advisory manual. Using wit, breezy references and anecdotes, and informative experiences and research,  the book, is a narrative from the author about how she managed to survive the dangerous shoals of dating and find her own safe harbor in her forties.

She describes her upbringing on Long Island, where she lived with her family, all the way through her relationships, some lasting and some forgetful, that changed her as she grew into a successful businesswoman. From a canceled engagement in her 20’s, through the rough and tumble dating decade of her 30’s and into her 40’s where she finally secured happiness, Tonia provides a roadmap of failed relationships and new directions with which many women (and men) can intimately identify. Plus, she provides some highly applicable tips at the end of each chapter that can help the reader determine a path towards finding the right mate, without “settling” for less than what is really desired.

Author Tonia DeCosimo


Tonia DeCosimo is a contributor to’s The Date Mix, and has worked in advertising and publishing for more than twenty years. She now manages her own business and also does sales consulting. Finding that her life didn’t match the plan she had in her twenties, DeCosimo felt compelled to share her story about the difficulties of finding a quality mate and the root causes of singlehood in her new book Single and Not Settling!

DeCosimo currently resides on Long Island.

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