The Hutong Boy by Jack Lanka

The Hutong Boy by Jack Lanka

Unlock the greatest secrets of mankind…

“The Hutong Boy” takes a bit of history and mixes in plenty of fantasy and age-old metaphysics viewpoints. This rousing first novel by Jank Lanka is about a down-on-his-luck auction house owner who sees redemption when he flies with his girlfriend to Tibet to look at an ancient trinket. What he doesn’t realize is that this trinket holds the key to life itself, the very essence of mankind’s existence – and there are forces hard at work trying to keep it secret forever. When he is charged with the care of a young child, the Hutong Boy, he realizes the truth could destroy a dynasty and change the world, and that the Hutong boy, already growing into his extraordinary powers, already knows the truth – and the fate that awaits us all.

Journey to the world of the Hutong Boy

Book Info

  • Author

  • Jack Lanka
  • Year Published

  • 2018
  • Genre

  • Fantasy/Metaphysical Fiction
  • Keywords

  • Action, Adventure, Drama, Supernatural, Metaphysical, History
  • Suggested age

  • 18+
  • Where to buy

  • Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble
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