The Student Within by Michael Pfaff

The Student Within by Michael Pfaff

Personal fulfillment is actually pretty easy…

When Michael Pfaff, a high school teacher for many years on top of being a Hollywood star, approached us with this, we just knew we had a hit, and something we felt would benefit high school kids all over the world. “The Student Within: The Art and Science of Easier Learning” takes high school students on a journey towards motivation, inner strength, and self-confidence, and ultimately to their personal life purposes for happiness and fulfillment.

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Book Info

  • Author

  • Michael Pfaff
  • Year Published

  • 2018
  • Genre

  • Self-Help – Non-ficiton
  • Awards

  • Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 2019
  • Keywords

  • Self-help, high school, teaching, motivation, learning
  • Suggested age

  • 14+
  • Where to buy

  • Amazon, Bokus, Barnes & Noble
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