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A ghostwriter is a professional writer who is paid to write books, articles, stories, or reports which are officially credited to another person. Celebrities, executives, and political leaders often hire ghostwriters to draft or edit autobiographies, magazine articles, or other written material. Ghostwriters are also used in classical music, film composition, and other forms of popular music. The ghostwriter is sometimes acknowledged by the author or publisher for their assistance but, as a rule, does not share in the overall profits or credits.

Scribes Unlimited has done a lot of ghost-writing in the past and needless to say, it can be an interesting project sometimes. Although we do like to see our names associated with work we do, we certainly do not close the door on the opportunity it represents financially. If you are willing to work under certain terms and fees, we can write the work you want.


If you’ve ever had a great idea for a movie, series, or video project, chances are you were thinking about the story in the context of camera-angles, scenes, action, dialogue and more. A script is essential for any high-quality production because it provides that ‘visual image’ you want to convey on paper, making it much easier to complete the project with little hassles and confusion.

Scribes Unlimited is proud to have been involved in numerous aspects of scriptwriting over the years, everything from short video projects featuring companies and enterprises, to training script, and major undertakings such as educational scripts for public television and motion picture films. We also fancy ourselves well-rounded in the entertainment world and we possess outstanding reading knowledge and visual skills.

That said, if you already have a finished script that you would like us to analyze for content and structure, we can do that. We offer three types of analysis:

Basic Analysis
Consists of up to five pages of documentation, an hour of phone consultation (or in-person meeting at client’s expense), and an element by element rating of your script.
Mid-Level Analysis
Consists of up to seven pages of documentation, up to 90 minutes of consultation by phone or in person (at client’s expense), our elemental rating report, and one FREE re-write reading with up to two additional pages of documentation.
Advanced Analysis
Consists of up to 10 pages of documentation, an intensive scene-by-scene analysis, up to 2 ½ hours of phone consultation, one FREE re-write with added notes and phone consultation, and discounts on further re-writes.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss further these scriptwriting alternatives.

Business Plans

Whether you’re just starting out or already well-established in the community or industry, a business plan is essential in order for owners to borrow funds from a financial institution or lender. This report is basically the framework and overall history of your company, as well as the strategies for selling and marketing your goods and/or services to the public. How well you know your organization and your future for that organization play key roles in obtaining a bank loan or private funding.

Scribes Unlimited takes the time to go over with you exactly what your company is, and we don’t stop until we know your company as well as you yourself should. With interesting and thought-provoking language, informative facts and figures, visual graphics, and key financial documents and forms, we can guarantee you a business plan that you can literally ‘take to the bank.’

Our business plans merit attention because we combine the graphics and the key facts and figures investors and bankers want to see, with the detailed, professional and eloquent style of writing that illustrates your project perfectly.

Your professional business plan will include:

  • Extensive and Detailed Executive Summary
  • Product and/or Service Summary
  • Complete Marketing and Market Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Management and Personnel Evaluation
  • Full Financial Data and Future Projections
  • Accurate current valuation of your business
  • Detailed and easy-to-understand charts and tables

Our business proposals are catered to fit virtually any budget. We accept one-time fees, or monthly payments for most projects, and we are bound by law to observe proper non-disclosure protocols upon acceptance of your assignment for us. You are invited to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.

Grant Proposals

Grant proposals are needed sometimes to apply for grants that are essential for persons and organizations wanting funds for such things as equipment, project funding, operating capital, endowments, special interests, events, scholarships and much more.

While there is no guarantee of funding, a well-written grant proposal can include these added benefits for organizations and individuals:

  • Improved record-keeping systems
  • Enhance organization’s credibility
  • Increase the clarity of goals and objectives
  • Proper development of tangible objectives
  • Increase knowledge of programs and fields of study and support
  • Evaluate programs better
  • Increase the financial management of the organization

Scribes Unlimited offers you a comprehensive grant-writing package, from research and analysis to planning for the future, and every step in-between. We can write grant proposals that fit your organization or project and define your needs. We develop lists of appropriate public and private funders whose goals are similar to yours. We have access to one of the finest foundation libraries in the world, as well as plenty of online experience to search out funders not as well-known. You are invited to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.

Marketing Plans

Building a business that grows steadily in size and profits is the life-long dream of any entrepreneur &emdash; and a marketing plan can help significantly. A professional proposal clearly lays out the strategy to sell your venture to both customers and to potential investors and lenders. Your finished marketing plan is a complete description of how your product or service will be sold, your target market, how to maintain growth, and deal with future market changes. Some parts of your plan can even become a ‘boilerplate’ or template for specific activities such as festivals, newsletters, mailings, advertising copy and other specific promotional activities for your business.

Scribes Unlimited fully understands the need for popularity. Our company has handled promotional relations for businesses, video producers, even individual writers and artists, so we have a lot of experience dealing with selling, promotions and marketing. We understand that it’s not enough to build a better mousetrap. You still have to have the guidelines that will allow the world to beat the path to your door!

Your professional marketing plan will include:

Who you are
The mission, the keys to success, the competition and the full details about what you are selling.
The Market Analysis
Including the description of the demographics, the market needs, the trends, and the growths.
The SWOT Analysis
The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business, and the critical issues that affect them.
The Strategies
The marketing and financial objectives, the positioning, the target market and market research.
The Marketing Mix
The completely overview of the process of pricing and promotions.
The Financial Picture
The sales forecasts, the budgets, the expenses, the organization and the milestones.

Our marketing plans are designed to fit anyone’s budget. We accept one-time fees, or monthly payments for most projects, and we are bound by law to observe proper non-disclosure protocols upon acceptance of your assignment for us. You are invited to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.

Technical Writing

The term ‘technical’ refers to knowledge that is not well-known, or perhaps only for certain individuals or groups. The process of technical writing relies on the territory of experts and specialists. When someone attempts to write anything about a particular field of study, or a process, he or she is involved in technical writing.

Technical writing is the delivery of information to readers in a manner adapted to their needs, their level of understanding, or their background. This ability to ‘translate’ technical information to non-specialists is a key skill to any technical writer, which is probably why you find positions for technical writers in such abundance in many large corporations.

Scribes Unlimited is proud to have this particular skill, based on over two decades of writing technical manuals and employee handbooks for companies, and effective speeches for local politicians. You are invited to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you.



It is probably a very embarrassing situation. There you are, in front of a large group of people, explaining a finished report to them, when all of a sudden someone raises a hand and says, “Um, you misspelled ‘forecasts’.” Suddenly your image is tarnished, and your credibility, not to mention your capabilities, could be questioned from then on. We know it is not enough to write a great document — you also need to edit a great document.

At Scribes Unlimited, we count on numerous years of professional editing experience with multi-national reference companies and organizations to make our clients look fabulous on paper. We have even used the official Chicago Style of Proofreading in the past for many of our projects. Whether you have a few letters that need a quick once-over before presentation, or you have a large manuscript that needs extensive doctoring, you can count on us to get everything done correctly and timely. We know all about deadlines!

We charge per page in these situations so you will know beforehand our estimates before we dot a single ‘i’. In some cases, we can arrange a 24-hour turnaround time as well.



Everyone, at one time or another, does research. For some, it’s an ugly word. It can mean countless hours sitting in a hot, stuffy library, paging through mountains of books and magazines. Or it can mean staring bleary-eyed at your monitor for a day looking for information you just can’t seem to find anywhere. Whatever or however you research, chances are you don’t like it very much. And then when you have to transform the facts and dates and numbers and people into one huge report or paper? Now that’s the real chore!

Well, Scribes Unlimited can help! We’ve got access to some of the largest libraries in the country, both online and on foot. We’ve done searches for everything from chief suppliers of hardwood in the world to important dates and facts for nutritionists. And it’s all carefully bound and wrapped up into a report or paper suitable for just about anyone’s needs.

What we do try to accomplish is exactly what is required of us. We’ll tell you up front what our estimates are and, believe us, we’ll be fair and honest. We’ve seen enough action in the trenches of the business world to know that the customer’s satisfaction means a good deal to us. Facts, figures, articles, reports, surveys, questionnaires, whatever the data you need, we can almost surely find it.

“I have known Paula and Paul for many years. They are honest, hard working and talented. They sincerely care about each client and do their best for each one. I trust them explicitly.”

“Working with Scribes Unlimited has been a blast! A huge breath of fresh air. They give me so much freedom to express my artistic vision, and they have become some of my closest friends. They’re a really talented pair of writers and editors, with a lot of experience and success..”

Ralph Del Mundo, "Fargo: The TV series", "Rock n' Roll Diesel Zombies"

“Scribes Unlimited were the pinnacle selection, beating out the competition, to revamp a robust manuscript into palatable audience specific material and meeting the objective of a strict deadline. I will be choosing Scribes Unlimited for future needs.”

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