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Co-Owner, Operations Co-Manager, Marketing Assistant, and Armchair Director.

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With nearly a hundred published short stories, blogs, video scripts, and four novels to his credit, Paul is a talented, established writer in the genre of young adult fiction and horror. He also still has aspirations for a screenwriting career, with a screenplay already making the Hollywood circuit, and another two currently being written. His favorite type of story centers around a main hero or heroine, thrown into a world of chaos, and forced to deal with it, and rise above it to seek their destinies – or most Japanese anime these days.

Paul loves include movies, animation, books, music, games (especially chess), computers, and the occasional 1970s TV shows, when the sitcom entered its experimental stage. He lives by the notion that the average human being will meet at least 5,000 close people before they are 40.

Paul’s Career

  • Boy Scout
  • Librarian
  • Computer Wizard
  • Videographer
  • Business Consultant
  • Published Author of 7 Books

Honors & Awards

  • Short Story Writing Award in 1989.
    “Playing the Game”, a short story about a grieving boy and a magical cat, received Third Place in Children’s Fiction of Ohio.
  • First Screenplay for Walt Disney Pictures and Warner Brothers.
    His first screenplay, “Michael the Shape-Shifter and his Adventures with Tabitha” received high praise from two distinguished animation production houses before being optioned for a year by a third producer, Eddie Kritzer Productions, which produced CBS’s “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”.
  • Wrote and Produced Short Film “Rent-A-Death” in 1990.
    His first stage play was picked up by a local production company in Elyria, Ohio, and became a short film called, “Rent-A-Death”, about an exterminating company that, in his own words, doesn’t exactly go after the usual household vermin.
  • Skills

    Computer Knowledge

    Education & Training

    1989Lorain County Community College
    Associate Degrees in Business with an emphasis on computers.
    1994The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
    Honors with a Specialized Degree in Music and Video Business, including heavy concentration of animation and screenwriting.

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