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Scribes Unlimited's History

We’ve come quite a ways since 1993, when we were essentially a two-person operation writing scripts and reports, and every so often taking a large super-8 camera out on location to shoot video. But it was our writing and editing skills that really started to gain attention when we came online, and became the #1 website in the world for writing, editing and research.

Since then, we’ve written and edited hundreds of business plans, grant proposals, blogs, articles, books, video scripts, and so much more. Nearly 30 years of writing for so many people, and for so many projects.

In the past few years, we jumped on the publishing train and have helped numerous authors and artists make names for themselves on the Internet and beyond, with web pages, social media strategies, and marketing solutions. We’ve helped budding or established authors to not only become published – but popular as well.

And we’ve expanded even more. Building a team of amazing people who can do all of this and more. And as we enter into the webcomic industry, along with TV and film and video, we’;re prepared to go even farther than we ever have before.

That’s why we’re Scribes Unlimited, and for the pas 30 years, we have believed as we still do today. Imagination is, and always should be, unbound.

Please contact us if you feel we can help your imagination soar too.

Successful Projects

  • Wellington Exempted Village School District: Wrote and obtained grants for amplified classrooms. Presentation to community regarding grants and their efficacy in a school district
  • Ravenna City School District: Wrote and obtained grant for recycled scrap tires for completion of a track for new stadium, and a grant for the Outdoor Education Area/Wetlands Laboratory Project, developing nature area in new campus. Also wrote proposals and assisted in curriculum development brainstorming for Continuous Improvement Plan, Literacy initiatives, Middle School Improvements, Learning Centers, Early Childhood projects, and Safe Schools, among others. Presentations included community meetings and small group sessions to promote idea sharing and new visions.
  • Streetsboro City School District: Wrote and obtained grant for Character Development and Education grant. Wrote other grants for literacy, education and teacher development needs. Developed grant and program for 21st Century Learning Centers and made key decisions in future planning for computer and audio/visual needs.

  • Chardon City School District: Worked with community members to plan, generate funds and solicit contributions to improve athletic facilities, particularly the running track. Conducted seminars, meetings and city wide events. Wrote proposals towards renovation of high schools existing track and field.
  • Friends of St. Michael: Writing grant proposals, for non profit organization which includes a camp for refugee and war scarred children in Rhodes Greece, an orphanage in Guatemala and proposed health and eye clinics in Rhodes, Bosnia, Albania and Chios, Greece.
  • Hathaway Brown: Raised over $1,000,000 through grants for Senior High Library Common Rooms, outdoor track, soccer field, STEM FabLab.

  • Frank Bona Productions: “Three Men, Three Visions: FDR, Mao Zedong, and Nelson Mandela” – a projected series for children and young adults.
  • Video Lease Productions: Manfredi Trucking Training Video for Auto-washing trucks; CEI Eaton Township Fly Ash/Bottom Ash Facility with Training video script, Community forum script, Air monitoring script, Bottom Ash script and Four Systems Vocational Program scripts for employees.
  • Akron Child Guidance Center: Promotional Video for the Center’s Programs and Trust Camps
  • Public Service Announcements: League of Women Voters Of Cleveland; created scripts and met with celebrities for production.
  • Video Production Projects: Legal Video Project for Civil lawsuit, concerning a powder-coating company. Infant Mortality in Cleveland Program for City of Cleveland Health Department. Short Documentary on Cleveland Bridges and film school projects, radio PSA’s and scripts.
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving: Wrote TV public service announcement for organization.
  • Wellington School District: Gave a presentation to parents and teachers on grants; how to write one and how to receive funding for projects.
  • Ravenna City School District: Met with several government and state officials to present Ravenna’s plan to use spare-tire rubber on their outdoor track. Presentation was very successful, and the school received its funding.

  • Cleveland Engineering Society: Had several meetings to discuss works in progress, projects, financial information and such to the board of directors and managers. Presented several grant proposals.
  • Flexible Packaging Association Fall Executive Conference 2003: Joined approximately 200 CEOs, and company representatives in the packaging industry, and gave a presentation to them, detailing findings and outlook of the flexible packaging and food preservation industries in a retail environment.
  • Planned and orchestrated several events city-wide for the Cleveland Dept. of Health.
  • Screenplay Work: “Rent-a-Death: A Three-Act Play” for the stage. Script doctor for several screenplays; Wrote full-feature animated film “Tabitha”, optioned in 1998.
  • Numenorean Films: Responsible for concept development for several proposed television series. Provided analysis and feedback on project development.
  • Screenplay for the novel “Melissa & Kasho” entitled “Evasion” which received critical acclaim and has been featured in several competitions. Now available for production.
  • Netflix mini-series “The Greatest Lawmen”, featuring little-known people who fought for law and order. Series is still slated for a future release.

  • How to Get Things Done: An Achiever’s Guide to Time Management
  • Successful Delegating
  • Sugars and Sweeteners: Trends and Developments in Foods and Beverages
  • Adding Life to Food: Food Preservation Techniques and Trends
  • Active, Controlled and Intelligent Packaging
  • The Savvy Guide to Digital Photography
  • Planning the Perfect Meeting
  • RFID and NFC: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Also contributors and editors for several how-to books, ebooks and novels.
  • Fiction novels: "Shadows in Light" and "Edgeworld" - "Shadows in Light" currently under consideration at Paramount Pictures.
  • Webcomics: "The Depths", "Island Girls" and "Insignificant Otters"

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