Publishing Services


It’s always special to see something you’ve worked so hard bringing to life become hard cover or paperback print, with dazzling art or photography on the front, along with your bio, the title, etc. We know what it’s like and it’s a great feeling to see “written by” and your name right there, for everyone to see on the bookshelf.

That’s why we get so excited when an author approaches us to help with Print on Demand services. Not only do we make sure your book is converted and laid out to your requested specifications and size, but we also place it with catalogs (Amazon included) and create a marketing plan suited just for you.

And if you want to go with another publisher, that’s okay too. We’ll help you find the right one even if it’s not us.

Marketing and distribution services require extra work, but we can also help with editing and proofreading as well. Our goal is to make things affordable for folks, so we insist on setting up easy weekly or even monthly payments.

And if you’re looking for cover art ideas, we just happen to have access to some very talented artists who, for an affordable price, can create something wonderful.

All print-on-demand options require an upfront fee, but your satisfaction is guaranteed – we;’ll make any changes needed until your book is the way you want it before production. So please be 100% certain of your book layout, cover, and contents before it goes to print.

Marketing and Distribution

No book really gets anywhere in life unless people know about it. That’s why we offer unique marketing packages that incorporate the online world as well as the offline one. We design social media events like giveaways, discounts, online interviews and podcasts, and other events to spark interest in your book, and we arrange other cool stuff for you like book signing events, live readings, library talk groups and more, just as if we were your agents or public relations people.

And when we talk about distribution, it’s our job to make sure your book is available when it needs to be. We explore various ways to get your book into bookstores, libraries, schools, department stores, wherever a book can be found. Since we offer print on demand services, this means that people will order the book and then receive it as it’s printed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t send us an order for 1,000 books or so – go for it! The more books sold, the better!

Our marketing techniques include: website design, consultations, social media, book reviews, Youtube channels, awards entries, media kits, and setting up offline/online events like Amazon Central, book signings, podcasts, interviews, etc.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of packages called Author-Assisted Programs or (APPs!) for interested authors, geared specifically for their type of project and tailored to fit their needs.

  • Kindle E-book Package – Our most basic print service when you’re really not ready for going to print but want to reach an audience. This consists of:
  • Print-On-Demand/E-book Package – The next step up, when you’re ready to go to print and need to start getting physical copies out to create and distribute.
  • Proof/Design/Publish – For those authors who have a finished project and want to get it professional edited and proofread for content and readability. We have a variety of different editors we can use, each with enormous experience and background. We’ll also help you layout the book the way you’d like it before it’s ready for printing and publishing under our brand.
  • Proof/Design/Publish/Market – The works. From completed manuscript to final hardcover or soft cover editions, we bring your book up to standards as needed and then market you to the masses, all the while going through various distribution channels to get your book out to as many places as we can.

All packages require a one-time upfront fee, but we provide payment options weekly, monthly, or however you’d like to pay. We’re very flexible and want to avail ourselves to people no matter their income ranges.

Podcast Booking Services

It must be thrilling to appear “on the air” with someone or a group of people, with the privilege of discussing your story, or the engaging characters or plot-lines, and have a dedicated, target audience listening to you speak, or seeing you on a Zoom chat or YouTube channel. We’ve done it several times ourselves.

We also know it can be quite tedious and exhaustive trying to find the right venue, the right audience that’s going to shower you with attention when you arrive for the show.

This is where we come in. We do the research for you. We’ll scour the internet and look for just the right podcasts, or YouTube channels, or Twitter Groups to find the right match for your book, and focus on finding a large enough crowd to be effective. We’ll also help you get prepared for the event. it’s no big deal but we want to see you be the best you can. Everyone loves a prepared, honest and sincere author, and will certainly want to see what they have been writing.

We usually charge per lead and expect the author to do followups once we make the introductions. $25 per lead, and we guarantee the accuracy and strength of the audience – or you do not pay a cent.

Inspirations Magazine

That’s right, we have our own magazine! Scribes Unlimited also loves to show off its authors too, you know! We love featuring authors and artists! It’s a great chance for them to present themselves to the audience and let them know a lot more about them besides their books. We’ll take great care to include only what you’d like, and use text and pictures to put it all together. A sample magazine is here:

Depending how much materials you can provide, these can be quite affordable, and we have the means to get 100-200 copies printed and distributed immediately. Our last project only cost $750 plus printing, but it was very effective in getting the author’s name out.

AudioBook Production

With the great speed of the internet these days, people are also quickening their pace in life. They haven’t the time nor place lately to sit down and read a good book, and that’s why audiobooks are much more popular than ever before.

Here at Scribes Unlimited, we have the ability to turn your novel or stories into completely original audio format, with a wealth of different voices, accents and languages available to bring your book to its highest potential.

Listen to this sample of one of our favorite stories we ever wrote called “Down to the River”, and hear for yourself.


This is a 5-minute audio sample from the short story, “Down to the River”, a plucky, spooky re-telling of a fairy tale involving a vengeful river siren terrorizing a small town in Tennessee. (Full original recording and short story available on request!)

What we offer:

  • Complete audiobooks starting at $250/produced hour.
  • For quicker turnarounds, $400/produced hour
  • Audiobooks created within 48-72 hours
  • 50% discount for first audiobook
  • 25% discount on a book series
  • Refer a book and receive a special 10% credit on all services.