Research Services

Everyone, at one time or another, does research. For some, it’s an ugly word. It can mean countless hours sitting in a hot, stuffy library, paging through mountains of books and magazines. Or it can mean staring bleary-eyed at your monitor for a day looking for information you just can’t seem to find anywhere. Whatever or however you research, chances are you don’t like it very much. And then when you have to transform the facts and dates and numbers and people into one huge report or paper? Now that’s the real chore!

Well, Scribes Unlimited can help! We’ve got access to some of the largest libraries in the country, both online and on foot. We’ve done searches for everything from chief suppliers of hardwood in the world to important dates and facts for nutritionists. And it’s all carefully bound and wrapped up into a report or paper suitable for just about anyone’s needs.

What we do try to accomplish is exactly what is required of us. We’ll tell you up front what our estimates are and, believe us, we’ll be fair and honest. We’ve seen enough action in the trenches of the business world to know that the customer’s satisfaction means a good deal to us. Facts, figures, articles, reports, surveys, questionnaires, whatever the data you need, we can almost surely find it.

Trust us, we’re watched the internet grow up since the 1990s, and have used Google extensively for all these years. While the magnitude of this monster unnerves us at times, we remember that research is so crucial especially right now. So, don’t be afraid to reach out and put us to work helping you.