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Scribes Unlimited hopes to eventually create an entire comic-hosting site, and to provide something that has become a crying need for the webcomic world today – how to create and make money from it. We’ve seen far too many good, high-quality comics that have gone overlooked, and we’ve watched so many artists struggling to do what they love and to make a living with it. We want to do something about that soon!

For now, check out our own productions below! And don’t forget to subscribe or like them, and we’ll have news once our hosting service begins! (And if you want to promote your own, contact us!)

Island Girls

A lush tropical island in the 1930s is the backdrop for stunning action and romance featuring the lovely native women of Bora Bora, and the rugged and sometimes dangerous men who call their world paradise.

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Insignificant Otters

A hilarious comic strip featuring Emma and Kevin, two brainy, trendy sea otters stranded as castaways on a deserted island. As you might suspect, this is not your father’s “The Blue Lagoon“! Two otters, one island, ZERO chemistry!

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The Depths

A top-ranked adult furry webcomic featuring sexy sea otter pearl divers and their erotic and deadly adventures above and below the deep blue South Pacific. Beauty has never been this deep...

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