Since the mid-1990s, Scribes Unlimited has helped hundreds of customers do everything from writing and editing their first novels, to creating marketing campaigns, investor proposals and successful grants. We don’t want to say we’ve done it all – but we’ve come close. From the start, our business was the premiere location for writing, editing, and research on the World Wide Web. As times have changed, so also have our services, but we have always prided ourselves on writing most of all. To date, we’ve written several non-fiction books, two fiction novels, business proposals, marketing plans, scores of technical documents and grant proposals, and hundreds of short stories, blogs, and articles for everyone from American Greetings, to Newsweek, to Weird Tales Magazine.
Now we’re working with authors and creators from all over the world to enjoy the same type of success we have had – to edit and publish their own works, or plan and design successful marketing or advertising campaigns.

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