Editing Services


It is probably a very embarrassing situation. There you are, in front of a large group of people, explaining a finished report to them, when all of a sudden someone raises a hand and says, “Um, you misspelled ‘forecasts’.” Suddenly your image is tarnished, and your credibility, not to mention your capabilities, could be questioned from then on. We know it is not enough to write a great document — you also need to edit a great document.

At Scribes Unlimited, we count on numerous years of professional editing experience with multi-national reference companies and organizations to make our clients look fabulous on paper. We have even used the official Chicago Style of Proofreading in the past for many of our projects.

Whether you have a few letters that need a quick once-over before presentation, or you have a large manuscript that needs extensive doctoring, you can count on us to get everything done correctly and timely. We know all about deadlines!

We charge per page in these situations so you will know beforehand our estimates before we dot a single ‘i’. In some cases, we can arrange a 24-hour turnaround time as well.

We invite you to get in touch to see how we can help you the most.