Film Projects

It’s hard to believe it, but we have some solid film experience, writing, editing, acting, directing, even producing. Between the co-founders of the company, they have about 20 years of past experiences and film classes, not to mention being able to boast a combined film-watching/reviewing list nearly 10,000.

So it’s easy to see why the Scribes would be greatly excited to take on other projects. A list of their past current projects includes:

  • “Rent-A-Death” – a three-act film that started out as a stage play, and was then locally produced for public broadcasting. The story follows a young go-getter yuppie with an ant problem, and she contacts an exterminator to deal with them. Only, the exterminator is actually an angel of Death itself, and she has a quote to fill.
  • “Three Men, Three Visions” – written and produced back in the 1990s, it followed the amazing lives of Mao Tse Tung, Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela, and how their lives intersected and helped affect their own visions of power.
  • “Mayhem in Memphis” – A film project about a group of bootleggers on the Mississippi inĀ  Memphis, Tennessee during Prohibition with serious voodoo and vampire ties – and an axe to grind against Al Capone for the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

  • “Welcome to the Limelight” – A film project about a young actor in a haunted theatre in a small town in upstate New York, who not only can see the long-dead actors that populate the place – but he can speak with them too.
  • “Tabitha” – Optioned by both Walt Disney Productions and Warner Brothers Animation, Tabitha is a small cat from an alternate universe where cats are in charge. She’s wandered to Earth for an adventure, and thanks to a shape-shifting teenage boy and a vengeful wizard from another era, she’s going to get it.
  • “Into the Light” – A provocative feel-good supernatural comedy/drama about four people seemingly trapped between this world and the next, and forced to come to terms with how their lives were, and what’s to become of them next. it culminates in them all getting a chance to prove themselves, and earn a place in Heaven.
  • “Evasion” – A poignant coming-of-age, meta-physical tale based on the late Camilla Chance’s best-selling novel about a young Australian girl heading to a prestigious Italian school in the 1950s.. There she will meet two entirely different men: one, a man of power and privilege, wants to control her. The other, who just happens to live in an alternate universe, wants to see her free.

Television Series Projects/Concepts

  • “The Greatest Lawmen” – A miniseries we pitched to Netflix about some of the most amazing lawmen you never knew existed. Featuring some of the greats like Kate Warne, the very first female detectives and Bass Reaves, the first black U.S. Marshall, and the inspiration for “The Lone Ranger”.
  • “The Company of Demons” – Another miniseries we pitched to Netflix, based on the best-selling novel by Michael Jordan, about a series of grisly murders once again striking fear in the city of Cleveland, nearly 75 years after the original Torso Murders.
  • “Beyond the Hold” – A miniseries featuring a beautiful Polynesian diver mixed up in the supernatural and mystery. When she finds a strange trinket deep below the sea, she is soon ostracized by her tribe, and forced into an undersea war between two kingdoms.
  • “Broken Wings” – Attempts to re-live the 1980s smash cop-drama “Miami Vice” with a seasoned police chief in a hot Florida town at odds with his nemesis, a ruthless drug cartel leader, who is unfortunately his older brother.