We gratefully acknowledge submissions and normally respond within 2-3 business days. We view each submission as a potential opportunity, not just for us but for the creator as well. Please follow these helpful hints when submitting your work:

1.) Please include a cover letter.  Nothing is as effective as an introduction from you and a brief summary of the work you would like us to look at. If you are unsure what makes a great cover letter, please visit this link.

2.) Please give us your bio. If you’ve been published before, list some of your achievements, like previous publications, contests, etc. If not, it’s okay! Just tell us a little bit about yourself. Why you decided to become a writer, what experience you’ve had with the subject matter you’re writing about, just anything that tells us a little more about you.

3.) Please add a synopsis. This should be the summary of your entire work in about 1-2 pages. Try to highlight the main points of your story, and don’t be afraid to be a spoiler!

You can submit everything through our Gmail account. For our convenience, please click on one of the sections below for the proper subject matter. If you have more than one submission, that’s fine, but use one email subject at a time. (if you have a fiction novel and a non-fiction novel, for example, you would send two emails with two titles.)





“I have known Paula and Paul for many years. They are honest, hard working and talented. They sincerely care about each client and do their best for each one. I trust them explicitly.”

“Working with Scribes Unlimited has been a blast! A huge breath of fresh air. They give me so much freedom to express my artistic vision, and they have become some of my closest friends. They’re a really talented pair of writers and editors, with a lot of experience and success..”

Ralph Del Mundo, "Fargo: The TV series", "Rock n' Roll Diesel Zombies"

“Scribes Unlimited were the pinnacle selection, beating out the competition, to revamp a robust manuscript into palatable audience specific material and meeting the objective of a strict deadline. I will be choosing Scribes Unlimited for future needs.”

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