Publishing Services

Whether you’re interested in getting your work published as an e-book for places like Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and other e-readers, or you want to see your book really shine in printed form, and available in libraries and bookstores all over, we can help. We also have a very reliable supplier of books that can help with distribution.

E-book Publishing Services

With our e-Book Publishing Package, your book, along with any cover art, is converted for immediate posting at various e-book locations, like Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and a wide variety of different formats so that your book can be read by everyone, no matter the device. You’ll receive an official ISBN number, and publisher imprint, if you have one already – or want to use ours!

Your e-book will also be uploaded to IngramSpark for future consideration when the time comes you’d like your book available in Print on Demand. We’ll also provide marketing services, if you desire to get your e-book a bit more publicity through social media, special advertising, paid reviews, etc.

Though it’s not necessary, we’ll also be happy to review your book if you’d like, just to make sure it’s of the highest quality before we take it to e-print. We charge .50 per page for that.

Print on Demand Services

It’s always special to see something you’ve worked so hard bringing to life become hard cover or paperback print, with dazzling art or photography on the front, along with your bio, the title, etc. We know what it’s like and it’s a great feeling to see “written by” and your name right there, for everyone to see on the bookshelf.

That’s why we get so excited when an author approaches us to help with Print on Demand services through IngramSpark. Not only do we make sure your book is converted and laid out to proper specifications, but we also find time to place it with catalogs and create a marketing plan suited just for you. And if you want to go with another publisher, that’s okay too. We’ll help you find the right one even if it’s not us.

Again, marketing services are extra, and we can also help with editing and proofreading as well. Our goal is to make things affordable for folks, so we insist on setting up easy weekly or even monthly fees.

And if you’re looking for cover art ideas, we just happen to have access to some very talented artists who, for a nominal fee, could create something wonderful for your book.

Marketing and Distribution

No book really gets anywhere in life unless people know about it. That’s why we offer unique marketing packages that incorporate the online world and the offline one. We design social media events like giveaways, discounts, online interviews and podcasts, and other events to spark interest in your book, and we arrange other cool stuff for you like book signing events, live readings, library talk groups and more, just as if we were your agents or public relations people.

And when we talk about distribution, it’s our job to make sure your book is available when it needs to be. We explore various ways to get your book into bookstores, libraries, schools, department stores, wherever a book can be found. Since we offer print on demand services, this means that people will order the book and then receive it as it’s printed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t send us an order for 1,000 books or so – go for it! The more books sold, the better!

We’ve put together a comprehensive proposal for interested authors in PDF format. Take a look at what we can do, and we’ll develop a special package tailored just for you.

Our Unique Marketing Techniques
  • An author consultation session, where we discuss with authors their specific goals: target audiences, estimated sales figures/forecasts, budgets, bio, brand building, (logos, slogans, etc.).

  • A website, with articles written directly on the site that provide SEO (search engine optimization) to achieve top-ranked results on Google, plus subscription forms for building specific mailing lists

  • Three major social media platforms constantly maintained: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as timely ads for each platform on certain occasions to boost announcements or news.

  • Book review research and connections, to allow the authors’ books to be featured prominently in reviewers’ magazines, websites, etc.

  • Creating a Youtube channel for book trailers, recorded interviews and more

  • Awards research and connections, to allow authors to compete for various prizes and awards

  • A media kit for public releases and then follow-up with timely public releases as needed (for events, books, free book giveaways, etc.)

  • Setting up and booking events such as signings, virtual interviews and discussions through podcasts, even online courses for the authors if there is relevant experience. (For example, if someone writes about a real-life murder mystery and has excellent knowledge, we can arrange virtual meetings for the author to “host” a show and talk about it.)

  • Setting up Author Central through Amazon and other author-related registrations to sell books from a wide variety of locations.

  • Creating and maintaining sales data and rankings, and cordial, scheduled meetings occasionally to discuss current status and any means to improve.

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