Shadows In Light: Book One of The Hidden Rims Saga

Sexy and dark, glimmering, and forbidding, their desire transcends worlds. However, a serial killer from Earth-Prime stalks the magical environs of Nysi Afallon. As the body count keeps rising, Maia Anemois, a quiet, reserved, and brilliant would-be-detective from “The E,” is recruited to track the killer menacing the island kingdom. Once there, she matches wits and passions with the cold, calculating investigator, Lord Kai Eurus. As she experiences the wonder, magic, and danger of this hidden world, Maia discovers a more profound link to Nysi Affalon and Kai.

Nysi Afallon is the hub and home for millions of the dispossessed, the exiled, the mixtes, different species, creatures, and peoples. The epicenter and gateway to the hidden rims High tech, sophisticated, and magical, the polis shares more than heritage with its E-cousins. Murders, mayhem, organized crime, gangers, and drugs in the form of toxic, addictive dust, threaten to undermine the glittering, beautiful, and vibrant city-state. Only Caer Justice, under the command of the secret Lord Justice, CID Lord Kai Eurus, his brother Captain Aidan Eurus, Demos Cadwgan, and their SFI’s stand between Nysi Afallon and the chaos that threatens it. Add in Maia Anemois and the place will never be the same.

Through a world of fae, demigods, monsters, and myths, the pair attempt to bring a sadistic killer to justice while fighting to save their own lives in the process. Only the gods know if they can survive.