The Hutong Boy by Jack Lanka

A storm is coming, and a drowning man is about to uncover a 400-year-old secret that is more important than life itself. The chase begins. Struggling art expert Peter Morgan stumbles across an enigma that offers a chance at redemption, but turns his life upside down. He is not alone – from across the world, competing adventurers converge on an abandoned Tibetan city, seeking knowledge, power, and the answer to an ancient mystery.

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Jack Lanka

Year Published



Fantasy/Metaphysical Fiction


Action, Adventure, Drama, Supernatural, Metaphysical, History

The Hutong Boy by Jack Lanka

Jack Lanka is actually a pseudonym for an author who must, unfortunately, be nameless because of the sensitive and controversial constant presented in this novel. All we are really allowed to mention, and actually all we know, is that he lives in Asia and is constantly struggling to fit in on Earth. It is important to understand that where Mr. Lanka resides is quite dangerous at times, and a challenge to thrive within. This book would surely see him arrested, imprisoned or worse. So, we’re not about to let that happen. we will however proudly showcase this amazing work for him.

Pick up “The Hutong Boy” today, and get in touch with your meta-physical self. And perhaps, you might learn a little bit more about the world we live in, and where we might all possibly be going.