Happiness: No Man Required by Dwayna Litz

With more women single than married now in America, “Happiness No Man Required”, written by Dwayna Litz, is a much-needed read that teaches women how to feel complete and whole with or without a man’s affirmation. Statistics show that many women in the United States are currently staying single not because they don’t want to be married, but because they can’t find the right man for marriage.

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P. M. Amaras, Paul Driggere

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Fantasy/Metaphysical Fiction


Action, Adventure, Drama, Supernatural, Metaphysical, History

Happiness: No Man Required by Dwayna Litz

An honest portrait of what women face in today’s dating scene, compassionately encouraging women to realize that whether they are single or married, it shouldn’t stop their dreams from coming true, by instructing women how to know the difference between the good and the bad and love and love addiction, and shifting the quest of finding romance with a man to first discovering how to become at peace within. Litz promises any woman that when she learns to like and approve of the woman she is and realizes what it means to be true to herself as her own best friend, no man is required for a happy and fulfilling life.

Litz is a singer and songwriter with music available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, Walmart, Tower, Kmart and Best Buy. More information about Dwayna Litz can be found on her web site at DwaynaLitz.com.