The Student Within: The Art and Science of Easier Learning by Michael Pfaff

Discover a Whole New Level of “Smart.” Illustrating these points, through his own narrative, Mike Pfaff shares anecdotes from his experiences as a science teacher, athlete, actor, and a life-changing event. Inspirational and entertaining Pfaff will tease out of his listeners the secret to finding their own student within.


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Michael Pfaff

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Educational, High School, Learning, Tutorial, Parents, Teachers, Children

The Student Within: The Art and Science of Easier Learning by Michael Pfaff

Personal Fulfillment can be easy. Whether you’re a student, parent, or teacher, Mike’s approach to easier learning and personal fulfillment is easy once you uncover your own unique intelligence.

Find your personal purpose in life. There are many ways to be a better student in the classroom of life. Once you discover your own unique learning style, it not only becomes easier to understand and retain information, it brings you closer to a path of endless motivation that ultimately can lead your to your personal purpose in life.

Michael Pfaff was never a great student in high school. He wasn’t a bad student, he just wasn’t that good and like many kids opted for a quick, half-hearted attempt at homework, usually on the day it was due. However, through his real passion – athletics he was able to achieve college scholarships and soon learned inspiration is contagious. If he could just apply the same energy and tenacity to the academic areas in his life…The Student Within is that journey toward finding one’s life-force and finding it through education.

The combination of teaching, acting, and performing gives Mike a powerful gateway toward empowering students to finding their own sources of passion, motivation, and innate strengths. The reality that the art and science of learning can truly be applied when aligning what’s in your heart to what you’re choosing to do with your life inspires Mike and his students on a daily basis.