Melissa & Kasho by Camilla Chance

Melissa & Kasho by Camilla Chance

A teenage girl leaves a sheltered, battered family life in Australia for the beauty and splendor of Florence, Italy in 1959. It is here, among friends, enemies, and acquaintances, young Melissa will confront many of life’s challenges and take a variety of paths. And through it all, two men become very instrumental in her destiny. One man wants to become a suitor and control her completely. Another man, who just happens to exist outside the normal plane of humanity, devoid of time or space, wants to set her free…

Camilla Chance, the best-selling author of “Wisdom Man”, about the life and times of an aboriginal humanitarian named Banjo Clarke, provides a fabulous send-up, again featuring her unique style of storytelling, weaving within her tales the mysterious yet beautiful spirituality of B’Hai.  Since “Melissa & Kasho” takes place in a bygone era, several topics that were once considered taboo to talk about among other girls are woven throughout Melissa’s experiences, as she works to find her place at a boarding school and in the world. Chance focuses on themes of sexuality, gender, and social dynamics, various topics directly related to teen life transcending time regardless of the period it is set in. The views placed upon Melissa by her home life and by society push her to find her own voice above what everyone else is expecting. Chance uses these views to show how one person can stand on their own ground and be who they are, regardless of class or gender or the role they should be playing. These various elements of the story work together as part of Melissa’s self-discovery and each lends a factor to how she eventually finds her own voice.

Reviews from Online Book Club:

“I would not be surprised if it becomes a classic one day.”

“This story was beautiful … There was an aura of poetry surrounding the story.”

“The author … describes the events that take place in such a detailed way that leaves the reader feeling as if they are part of the story … The author gives each of [the characters] a personality that anyone can relate to … The prologue … made me drawn to the book from the very first page.”

“This wonderful book by Camilla Chance would be suitable for teenagers and young adults. Many young girls can find this book very interesting and relatable. As a young adult, Melissa & Kasho has helped me focus on positive things and have faith in God. Any person who is going through emotional and physical abuse might find this book emotionally uplifting and very helpful.”

From Austin Macauley website:

“Camilla Chance evokes the era of 1959 superbly, and yet her situations and adventures are so relevant to today’s young women …”


Melissa & Kasho has topped Fupping’s online magazine’s “9 Books Every Real Modern Feminist Should Read” since June 2018, and is #1 in the “7 Books on Friendship to Inspire You


Melissa & Kasho was featured at the Saskatoon Word on the Street Festival in June of 2019.

In September, Melissa & Kasho will be featured (and for sale) at Word on the Street Events in:

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, September 14, 2019 and Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, September 21, 2019
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada (both September 20 & 21) with a special focus on September 21st from 10 am – 5 pm.

Melissa & Kasho will also be featured at the NABE Booth at these California Trade Shows :

  • California Book Trade Show, Burlingame, CA Sept. 20th-21st 2019
  • Pacific NW Booksellers Show, Portland, Oregon October 6th-8th, 2019
  • California Library Assn. Show Pasadena, CA October 24th-26th, 2019

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